Friday, October 21, 2011

She bit me!

It's true--- Perdy had a hissy-fit today. OK--- Shall I begin at the ---yes--- beginning. I took Perdy down to the bay this morning, feeling quite good. (I hadn't seen the stupid typos that got through in my book at that time--- but that's another story that will have been well resolved by the time I tell it)
Perdy is really intellignet and she has this habit of trying every trick in the book to avoid coming to me and getting in the car, when it is time to go. In her mind, she decides when to go home, not me. I think of different ways to entice, trick, cajole---you name it, but it simply doesnt work--twice. Yes the first time i try something different, it works, but after tha, well chuck the idea away. She banks her new knowledge and turns it on me. I am sometimes left letting her have at least another ten minutes before she decides to come to me, tail innocently wagging, saying--- `OK, I'm ready to leave now.'
Well, today she met her macth. When it was time to go, I threw her favourite ball to her and let her have a few minutes run, chasing and almost bringing the ball back--- it's never a complete process. I mean, she hates to lose control. She does her best to ignore my requests to leave. I deicde to play her game. I give her the old silent treatment that worked so well from my Mum's point of view, when I was a kid. Did it work--- well yes it did--- sort of.
I turned my face and pretended to ignore her. I could see in my side-vision (I know-- I can't spell that other word) her little face, turniong in that endearing way, when she's trying to figure out what I am doing. I continued to ignore her. She began to bark in that semi-silent manner--- sort of between a whimper and a bark. That turned into a full blown pleading bark. I still ignored her. Finallly, she got really pissed at me and suantered over to me and sat before me looking up at me. 'Got ya,' I thought. Not quite. She decided to bnite me--- not hard--- just a nip, but it gave me the opportunity to grab her and stick her on her leash, prior to bundeling her into the car. I WON.  But what will she do tomorrow? She knows that trick now!

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