Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The battle of the--- well WHAT?

Wasn't the great debate a bit of a waste of time? Did it tell you anything you didn't already know? Did it inform you about policy or provide real vision--- I don't think so. Phil managed to make John look like a naughty school boy, but he did it too much. The 'John you're---or John, that's not'--- was too much.
John tried to be slick and that didn't work.
Lets face it--- the vast majority of us have made up our minds already about who we are going to vote for. It is going to be just like it always has been--- about 10% of us who are swinging voters who will decide the result.
Then there's the question of the referendum. Do you really think people understand the options? Can you imagine Nzers coping with some of them--- where they have to rank the candidates and then the transfering thing happens. I reckon we will get 'donkey' voting--- if the cnadidate's name starts with 'A' they get more votes. Am I being too harsh? Have I misunderstood my fellow citizens? Maybe I'm just in a cynical mood. Maybe I shall let Perdy deicde who I should vote for. I shall put all the parties names on the floor and smother them with different smelly food and the one she eats first will be my choice. Well that probably has more rationality in it than how some poeple decide. LOL
Don't worry--- people who reallly know me, trust that I will do better than that--- I'll probably beat Perdy to it and eat the stuff first. --- Jack Russels rule!

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