Friday, October 19, 2012

If youhtink you are a good proof reader, then join my little group.

I do not purport to be a quality writer. I reckon I can tell a good yarn or two, but the actual craftsmanship behind the story; the accuracy in writing that includes good typing grammar and spelling, along with formatting are quite beyond me. Well lacking in those skills never stopped good books from being written.
Thus my cheeky idea. I have given a few of the first printings of my books to friends and colleagues and asked them to underline or circle any obvious mistakes. Wouldn’t you know it?  Even after editing, they still find many mistakes or simple typos and formatting glitches. They give me back the book and I send it to my printer, who then makes the changes on my files and send the book back. I then get another person to have a read and they do the same exercise, in a different colour--- the process repeats and theoretically, after about five steps, my books are ‘presentable.’
My invite is to join this little group and you get a free ‘cleanish’ book. Hell, it’s Xmas soon, so maybe I can chuck in another of my books as extra incentive.
Any takers? Contact me through my website----follow the links.
Yeah, I know--- I’m a cheeky Kiwi.

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