Friday, October 19, 2012

Don't shut all the Terminal Kiosks, Mr Key. They could be--useful!

I’ve had a thoroughly incredible idea, Maybe it’s a brain fart, but let’s try it out. The news keeps coming about yet more computer terminals placed in Government service offices being ‘compromised.’ What that means is that some twerp manages to log on, hack, break in; call it what you like, but the end result is some poor bugger’s ‘private’ details being out there for all and sundry to peruse.
We as citizens don’t seem to be getting through to the government, our collective disgust at some of their policies. I’m talking about asset sales, school closures, League Tables (I’m not talking about sports here folks) to name a few of the issues. Well if the buggers won’t listen to our united voices, then lets all hack into National Party Headquarters, from one of the terminals placed so conveniently for us and get their policy changed. It can’t be that difficult and the government can claim that the Labour Party hacks did the hacking.
The government won’t suspect a thing and they will merely amend their policy and claim it was all just a bad dream.
See, life ain’t such a bitch after all eh!

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