Tuesday, October 2, 2012

National Standards--a total watse of teachers' time

The latest ‘report card’ on National Standards leads me  (and I am sure thousands of others)  to believe that teachers are spending huge amounts of good ‘teaching time’ on what is rapidly being seen as a total waste of time and resources.
If what we are hearing about the way teachers are assessing the writing, reading and maths levels of our kids is correct, then we should all be angry. Were not the warning signs apparent from both here and overseas research?
Our Government has simply followed along with the USA model that pervades other sectors here and it is going to take us to place that will put us behind some emerging nations. It only adds weight to the gathering storm around just what this Government’s real agenda is.
Just take the rebuild of Christchurch as an example. We are now pretty sure that the Government is using the sad events of the past few years to push their failed schemes. In doing so, they have awakened a spirit in our people that will send them into political oblivion. Can they do something right, and hurry that process, by calling an early election? Hell no, they love the baubles of power far too much. To be fair, they are not the only Government in our history that has been bitten by the same bug.

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