Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Talk back radio--is it for real?

I was listening to Leighton Smith’s session on ZBTalkback this morning and the question hit me---‘Are these people ringing for real or are they just trying to make their mate’s laugh?’ Leighton had some idiots ring and I also wondered if the 8 second rule is for real or just a myth?
If the host cuts off someone, wouldn’t it be interesting hearing what they were saying when the cut-off occurred? Maybe it would be obscene, or was it that what they were saying was perhaps libellous? Someone, preferably from the actual industry, please enlighten me.
Of course I am spending a good deal of my time in these school holidays listening to the radio, in between walking the dog, taking agency calls (they often ring me re kids) and relaxing. My listening is also linked of course to the book I have just released called; ‘Talk To Me.’ Talkback radio is the underpinning for the plot. You can find it on ---  www.authorneilcoleman.com

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