Monday, October 1, 2012

How to make early season strawberries taste--well---sweet

Sometimes in my haste to get a taste of the season I buy early season strawberries. I reckon one takes a bit if a risk in doing that because they are a bit flat, tasteless and somewhat sour.
But I purchased them anyway, for a good some of money. After my healthy stir-fry, I cut the tops off the strawberries and snuck a ‘preview.’ Yip--- my suspicions were correct---they definitely needed a lift. I searched the fridge and my eyes set upon a bottle of rhubarb/strawberry syrup.
I added a generous portion of the said fluid to some sliced bananas to the new season strawberries.  Surely that would be enough but no--- I decided to ‘lift’ them further.’
Oh---right next to the bench top oven I noticed a bottle of Yeigermaster. I know—that’s not the correct spelling--- the reason for my laziness in not going and checking the correct spelling will become apparent later. In went a slosh of the 38% alcohol---getting the picture yet.
Not enough I thought. It just so happened that there was a bottle of Baileys next to the other ‘untypable’ fluid. Why not--- I love that tasty ‘B’ drink. I generously added some of that.
OK--- the taste? I’m not sure but the fumes nearly knocked me for six. (That’s a cricket term folks) The appearance--- well, I doubt that the mixture would make any recipe book for either cocktails or desserts.
The taste was interesting, but I don’t think the strawberries dominated in the slightest. I think the Baileys sort of ‘split’ too. I suspect a doubtful chemical reaction, but now, ---I kinda feel quite relaxed. Would I recommend my concoction?  Hehehhe ---ask me tomorrow.

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