Monday, October 1, 2012

Charter Schools, National Standards, League Tables

The list goes on and includes the privatisation of the education system. It seems that what we have built up in NZ over more than century is going to be taken down in the short space of a decade or less.
When are we going to learn that not everything that comes out of the USA is good for us? Indeed there are many Americans who doubt the legitimacy of much of what they now have posing as a healthy education system.
Charter Schools are just part of the slow eroding of the Public system of education. Just throw in National Standards, an increasingly large amount of Government and State money going into private schools and you start to see the picture that is now being mirrored in NZ.
Let’s shove it right back at the Government and make sure that opposition parties take note of our collective unease at the new direction the Government is taking.
Actually folks, they are going back to the past. Such experiments have been tried way back in our history. Such policies didn’t work then and they won’t work now. All they achieve is to exacerbate the gap between the rich and poorer segments of our society. Is not that a recipe for a fractionated and unhealthy society?
 I do not want to end with the statement---‘time will tell,’ because we do not need to continue down this path to a very different and horribly unequal NZ.

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