Monday, October 1, 2012

Avondale's big secret is out--Salvation Kitchen

Next time you are passing through Avondale----Don’t!  Stop at the newish café, Salvation Kitchen. It is easy to find and parking is OK, right across from the big police station. I have put this retro café on my list of favourite places. The food is different, beautifully presented and just something a little different. The service is friendly and the young guy serving us knew his stuff. I took the picture of the barista. He made us a lovely richly crema’d (new word?) coffee. He even let me take his picture.
Not only is the food good, but the décor takes you back. While we waited for our food we read a 1975 Women’s Weekly. Oh, I wish the prices were like that now. I didn’t try the home-made pies, but they looked incredible. I settled for a hash/bacon and salad meal. No brown bits in this salad. Next time I want to try one of their mini Pavlova deserts. Just couldn’t manage this time, but I did sneak a tiny bit of my mate’s Brownie----yummy.
This café has won awards and I am not surprised. It is a good use of an old petrol station. That big overhang is perfect for getting out of the weather.

We will be back! b
Good one guys!

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