Monday, October 1, 2012

There are two worlds within New Zealand!

Most of us live in the decent world that makes New Zealand a great place to live. There is however another world, inhabited by a group of people who prey not only on one another, but also on those at the edge of the ‘nice’ world.’
These underworld inhabitants do their best to drag the vulnerable into their dark and nasty world. The news that yet another drug making hole has been uncovered in the Waikato, just exemplifies what may be so close to many of us----maybe next door.
The police are doing a fantastic job in dealing to these parasites on our society. The damage they cause to families, especially our young people cannot be overestimated. I hope that with technological advances, the police make further inroads into this twilight world. Yesterday’s announcement that crime figures are down is encouraging, highlighting the need to not cut policing resources. If that happens, the ‘beasts’ will rise again.
Keep our families and kids safe.

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