Friday, October 31, 2014

Sons of Orpheus---you want me to publish it----but-------

So millions of you (OK just kidding) want me to put 'Sons of Orpheus' through the same process I did for Roskill. Sorry---just can't, unless Roskill takes off and it is not showing any signs of doing that, even though it has had a fair amount of good press and publicity. It seems that unless you have the 'big boys and girls' of publishing behind you---it just doesn't happen. I don't have bookshops and a publishing house behind me so I rely on contacts and whatever I can do and my 'friends' in whatever form they come, helping along the way. ' So---Sons of Orpheus' will just appear for a while on my blogs and FB--in the dammed annoying format I have used. Yes, it will improve once I have my lesson in formatting from Martin and perhaps following his suggestion to use a website he has mentioned. One learns but most of that learning costs money, whether from mistakes on my part or just not knowing the 'field of play' for self-publishing. I don't want to put off other aspiring authors but be warned--the road is rocky and expensive. Thanks to all of you who have been making suggestions and trying to spread the word amongst your contacts. I am not about to give up---yet!

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