Tuesday, March 19, 2013

God--Hates----Faggots----Shock---all in one place!

Now what’s he on about, you say? Well, of course an explanation for my provocative ‘header’ is needed. A 50 year old possibly born-again Pentecostal Christian singer has managed to offend a good deal of the gay community and many others, by her latest utterings. Michelle Shocked, the singer in question is reported (it’s on YouTube, I hear) to have announced at a recent concert that ‘God hates Faggots.’ Most of the audience walked out.

Such an event would not have drawn so much reaction a decade or two ago. This was not some placard wielding loony, jumping up and down outside an abortion clinic or at a venue for a ‘gay marriage,’ but a concert where quite a diverse audience took exception to her ravings.

Her words of hate have caused about ten of her concerts to be cancelled. What drove her to such an outburst? It is said that she has been attending a Pentecostal church and various other rumours have circulated about her ‘sexuality.’ Maybe she was pissed off (not pissed, given her new ‘understandings’) about life, but she has most certainly paid the price.

In this day of ‘growing diversity and increasing tolerance, maybe the days of ‘hate and bigotry’ are on the decline.

I wish!

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