Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Optifast---day 15----what have dairy prices got to do with Optifast!?

Great for the farmers, if only the rain would fall but not so great for those who love dairy food. Milk etc. will go up markedly along with everything ‘diary.’ For me, that will not be so bad as I shall be having very little of it after my operation. Not only will dairy go up, so will meat of all description s imply because of the prolonged drought in New Zealand. Once again, for me it will be no big deal as I shall be eating so little after April the 5th---my operation date.
This is a mixed message today. I am well over the boring shakes and bars. I doubt that I shall want to eat chocolate again. I have stabilized and don’t have nasty tummy syndrome anymore. The weight is still coming off, but slowly she goes—about 300 gms a day. That’s cool. I am so bored not being able to cook. All I do is make salads and the odd steamed or stir-fry veggie dish.
Back to the plight of the farmers and those who love ‘dairy’----NO---- I am not suggesting we all have Bariatric surgery in order to make the budget balance but I am hoping for prolonged rain to help out our ever suffering farmers.

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