Thursday, October 10, 2013


Ok, this is a scienticiaclly based experiment. Six months ago I had bariATIRC SURGERY. nOW 41 KGS LATER and very much healthier I decided to have a couple of glasses of wine to see what effects the said beverage has on my typing performance. I will not spell check this ort check what I have written . Mmm--casting my glance so far, I seem to be doing OK. I know alfrerady tta I feel good---well a bit ripped to be hinest. I know tyat my typing is not the best and neds a bit of tweaking at the best of times os the result of two standard drinks of a good NZ white Pinot Gris is quite telling.
I am awaiting the wonderful dinner that I think is home cooked 'butter chicken' along with a medley of streamed veggies and rtice. That will be followed by a sponge cake with cocnut icing that I had for lunch with some lovely lady firndfs I met a few years ago while wlaking my dog. Perdy is looking at me now, wondering what I am doioing. Perhaos she things that I am  wrigtin another book about her. Sher knows that she is the 'satar' of my next book to go online in the next few weeks, TALK TO ME. I WAS VERY CAREFUL ABOUT typing thyat title. Does this story need a moral or a  purpose? Caours enot. It is a simple example of   (Damn, how did those italiscs appear?)
As I look back at all the red underlined errors that I said I would not correct, I think I have proven my point. For me, even tow snmall glassdes of a quality NZ wine have a huge effect on my typing -- I challenge you all to conduct the same experiment.
To those dopes who say that they are not affected when they drink, partake of other illegal substances, I say---get real.
I can smell the butter chicken. From past expecribnce, I know that it only takes a bit of food and I return to norm,al whereby the typing isd just a little better!   I typed thast really slowly!

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