Friday, October 11, 2013

Bye bye big jackets!

I remember buying some really nice jackets over the last few years but now they simply don't fit. I look like a vagabond wearing something he has 'lifted' from' a burglary! No, I am not selling stolen items; I am getting rid of stuff that hangs loose. I gave away bags an bags of other clothing, but the Visa bill got too high when I brought my new wardrobe after the bariatric surgery 6 months ago so I am financing my visit to the shops, be they online or local. I am sticking ridiculous prices on them and making the Trade Me auction last only 2 days and I am insisting that the buyers pick them up. That will annoy those bidders outside Auckland, but for a few dollars, I just don't fancy packaging and posting. They are so cheap I doubt the prices I get will even cover the visit to the post shop. Oh well, I guess I may still be giving them to the hospice shop or the SPCA if they don't sell. Now, what else can I get rid of! Nah---I'm not gonna put up pictures, you will just have to go find on Trade Me.

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