Friday, May 18, 2012


What would I be doing on a marginal weather Saturday morning if it wasn’t for Perdy? Well I would be sitting on my FAT BUGGER (ALL PARTS—1-10) ASS, eating and watching TV and reading--- yes all at the same time. That may do heaps for my knowledge and enjoyment, but nothing for my health.
So, even if it is pouring ‘cats and dogs’ I am still out there at the park. I may not present sartorial elegance in my choice of garb, but I am OUT THERE! Yes, I have my new water-proof (quite fashionable to be honest) Jacket on, along with gumboots with thick socks and my cheap tracksuit. If it is really pissing down, I shall wear my ugly heavy plastic leggings, but it has to have the added sound and visionary effects of thunder and lightning. Would I really go out in a storm---? Well yes. Sometimes I am even joined by my equally crazy lady friends. You see, we have a choice--- domestic bliss (with our dogs) or canine terrorism when we don’t.
There you have it--- a picture of my Saturday mornings--- and then there are the afternoons! Along with my friends, I no longer care about the picture I present down at the park. Even my doctor agrees with me. Simple sufferings or basic pleasures--- take your pick.

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