Friday, May 18, 2012

Website coming

I have an appointment with a web site designer next Friday. From there I hope to have it up and running with my books available using PayPal. I have also been in touch with a printer who will supply me direct, minus all of the middle-people who have taken their cut in the past. I shall be relying on word of mouth advertising (read you!) to help get my books out there.
My blogs will be a way of advertising my books too. I may not be writing as many blogs but for the most part I have enjoyed playing around with them. Of course the tiny income stream has gone as my appeal to have it reinstated was turned down.
If you are ever wondering about the ‘big brother aspect of Governments,’ well look no further than other large corporations, many of them far larger than the afore said governments. You may even see a tinge of my thoughts on this in THE RIVER ALWAYS FLOWS---Go read.
One thought though--- How are some of you reading chapters 7 or 8 of my books but seem to have missed the earlier ones? Maybe it is because of the new direction that THE RIVER ALWAYS FLOWS  has gone.

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