Friday, May 18, 2012

Australia-- you are reading my blogs

YES---finally, Australia is starting to emerge from the mist--- you are reading my blogs. Hell, if you can’t, then who will. I tried everything to get you on board. I teased you, I almost insulted you, I appealed to our shared history of spilt blood for lost causes, to someone else’s cause and I almost let you think that you were above us----lol. I don’t care what the reason is. The fact is that every so often, I see a big hit from you. It is either one person reading a lot, or a group. Once again--- don’t care. Just spread the word for me my friend(s).
You can see form the blogs that the adverts have disappeared. That is because I have been disabled--- My terms and conditions were breached and I suspect that it was caused by my naivety--- loyal friends had clicked and clicked their tits off and then Google was unhappy with me and dissed me.
 Oh well--- good things come to us when we change directions and this is where I need your help. I shall keep putting my books up but I will stop short of the whole book release. When my website is up and running, I will ask for a payment using PayPal—I was thinking of releasing about 5 chapters at as time and charging a small amount. The alternative would be getting the whole book in either E-form or hard copy.
OK Aussies--- thanks for your support. I will get over there next year because a good mate has just gone to work in The Alice.  Cool--- Ooops hot!!!!

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