Saturday, October 18, 2014

Blame the fiasco that is the Middle East on Colonial powers, some people say!

I get a bit sick of reading posts that seem to blame all the 'ills' and the spawning of groups like ISIS on the actions of Western powers over the past few centuries. Just go back a bit further in history folks and learn about how the region has always been the focus of invading armies and the slash and burn tactics of tribal, religious and groups seeking to carve out an empire. Europe does not have that on its own. Indeed it has even been the victim of such practices, from within and outside its borders. Let's face it, half of Spain was once under the influence of an Islamic empire! Sure, the discovery of oil in the regions and the resurgence of new empires is just a latter day fact. The same could be said for Africa. To those of you who say that Europe (and now China) should have stayed out of these regions---well they would have found their own way of doing exactly what European powers have done. People are people whatever their ethnicity. People love power, control and riches. It is the timing that just makes it seem that the USA, Europe and China are the villains. Damn---it doesn't say much for humankind does it. I now await with baited whatever, the insults to fly, from people who view history from a mere few hundred years only!

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