Saturday, October 18, 2014

Tasty dumbass way to piss yourself off!

We have just entered that wonderful time in New Zealand when Strawberries have become cheap. Now for the next three months at least we will be able to get 3 punnets of them for $5. Yummy, red, juicy, delicious and cheap NZ Strawberries---nothing quite like it, but as with all delectable in abundance fruits, one needs to 'invent' new ways to serve them. I have already arrived at that point so this is what I did. I simply placed two tablespoons of sugar in a stainless steal frying pan with a slosh of vanilla essence. While that was 'heading towards becoming caramel, I topped and halved the punnet of berries. Once it was bubbling I chucked in the berries and tossed them. They sizzled a bit and I poured them onto a plate. They cracked and pooped and looked delicious. BUT----bits of caramel HAD ATTACHED THEMSELVES TO THE PLATE, SPOON AND THE PAN. I IGNORED THAT AND ATTACKED THE 'PRODUCT.' HEAVENIY--JUST WONDERFULLY YUMMY AND ONLY A BIT NAUGHTY. Later however, I paid the price, not in some gastro-related payback---oh no------It took bloody ages to remove the concrete-like appendages of candy from the implements. I scrubbed and chiselled till I sweated. See---nothing that tasty comes without a price. Will I do it again?--yes, but I need some common sense suggestions as to how I can prevent the 'payback!

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