Sunday, October 28, 2012

Synthetic cannabis manufacturers and purveyors should be---

It is becoming increasingly obvious that products that go loosely under the name of ‘synthetic cannabis’ are harmful. There are disturbing reports coming out of our A and an E department about the short term affects and from those who work with clients who have used these products on a long term.  Knowing this just adds weight to recent moves by the Government to make such products either illegal or difficult to gain access to the legal market.’
I think it is time to stop pussy footing around by passing legislation to make all of these products illegal and to close down the outlets who sell them. I am well aware that we could make the same claim for tobacco and alcohol, but that is just a smokescreen to hide behind.
The claim in the Herald today that the manufacturers and sellers of these products are aware of the harmful effects of ‘synthetic cannabis’ but continue to push their products just makes the issue even more important to address. They are taking the same ‘immoral ground’ that suppliers of other harmful products make. Maybe we need a few ‘heavy lawsuits’ against them. They do not have the huge amounts of money behind them that the tobacco and alcohol giants possess, so possibly they could be dealt a ‘death blow’ to knock them out.
Of course, I am dreaming. We know that other products will emerge to take the place of today’s nasty products. It is a never ending battle.

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