Monday, October 29, 2012

The USA braces itself yet again for a superstorm.

The spectre of a huge storm about to lash and inundate the low lying areas of New York is being touted as the worst storm for two generations. Did not something similar a year or two ago? The media always takes every chance to cover such events and one has the feeling that they are doing more than satisfying a public safety demand. There is almost an air of disappointment when predictions are not realized.
Despite all of the dire warnings about the magnitude and danger of this nasty freak of nature (or is it something that we must expect with Global Warming?) we will see the usual idiots who choose to ‘go down to t sea to watch,’ or to stay in their homes to battle it out. That these people do this really annoys me, because they put at risk the lives of those charged with rescuing them when the inevitable happens. This phenomenon is not restricted to the USA of course. We see twits here in New Zealand replicating those dumb ass and selfish actions.
At least the two Presidential candidates (yes, I know there are other contenders, but you wouldn’t know it from US media sources) are not making political capital out of the emerging scenario; indeed they are both being ‘sublimely Presidential. Some say that Obama can only gain by acting decisively and not repeating the mistakes of ex-President Bush who was most tardy in his response when ‘Katrina’ attacked New Orleans.
Lives may be lost and the economic costs will be huge when Hurricane Sandy meets up with the two land-based storms. One cannot help but ask—‘is this going to be a common occurrence under the new order of Global Warming? Will we still burry our heads in the sand and ignore Mother Nature’s protestations about how we are treating her domain---the earth?
Stay safe my American friends. I shall watch from afar and ‘will’ the storm to head back out to sea.

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