Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Tax payers pay for cothing our job seekers!

I suspect that the report in today’s Herald about the WINZ (in other words, us, the tax payers) paying for prospective job seekers purchasing suitable clothing for an interview will bring some pretty angry responses.
Well I say-- good on WINZ for doing that. Would those who object be quite happy to keep paying for those very same people to continue to draw the dole? It’s not as if they are buying flash high-end label clothing. One can hardly call Hallensteins or Glassons high fashion. Those companies represent good no-nonsense clothing--- the sort that most of us wear.
Do not forget that our Social Services sector is there to give a ‘hand up’ when needed, so this is not about a hand-out; it has a real purpose---to support someone trying to better themselves. Their wardrobes may look a bit like mine, but then, I don’t give a toss about fashion. If I had an interview though, I may want to tart up my appearance.
Good on you WINZ— money well spent.

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