Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I hope the Australians bring their troops back from Afghanistan too!

I wish the Aussies could bring back their troops from Afghanistan, just like NZ is about to do. The Aussies have lost lives there too; just like the troops and construction teams from other countries.
We all know that the Taliban will return and unless the people of Afghanistan call upon their Muslim neighbours to help prevent that happening, then history has told us that no amount of meddling from the West or the Russians (under the guise of the former Soviet Empire) will result in victory.
I would accept our involvement under the flag of a UN team that included a massive contribution from oil rich Arab countries. I would also hope that the Aussies bring back the translators and their families who have been so loyal to their troops, endangering the lives of their families.
My hope is that the Talban evolves into a more benign force but unlike the Vietnamese Communist who have shown a more pragmatic approach, the Taliban are driven by extreme fundamentalist dogma, more like that which resulted in the slaughter we witnessed in Cambodia. It took a powerful neighbour to knock that group off their pedestals. It is not the West that can achieve the same in Afghanistan--- we are not wanted there. The solution has to be found from within and from the region itself. Our part is to support that process. If and only when the situation is safe, should we send in construction teams.
Bring your men and women back Australia.

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