Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Herbalife--I don't know what to call this blog!

I didn’t really know what to call this blog. Maybe I should have called it ‘Fat Bugger 10---or is it 11. Either way it is in the same context as the other ‘Fat Bugger’blogs I have written. It is about me and my attempts to get to a healthy weight, without resorting to drastic surgery. I am too old to qualify for the free hospital option----that’s for people under 50 and I am way past that.
So I try to walk my weight off and watch what I eat. The trouble is I watch the food and then eat it. You have all heard the silly ‘sea food diet joke (not). I won’t repeat it here.
I have tried them all and I have come to the conclusion that diets don’t work for the vast majority of people. Yes, they lose weight, quite fast in many cases, but nearly all of them (that means me) out it back on and then some. The so-called yoyo dieting thing is not good for us.
It’s about lifestyle you say. Of course it is but just calling a diet lifestyle and then been attacked by your own body’s reactions to a diet don’t work for most people either. What am I going to do? OK, I have settled for a bit of a compromise. My partner is setting up a website whereby he can sell the Herbalife products.  Once it’s up and running I shall provide a link to his website. You can be anywhere in the world to access the products.
Normally when someone like me espouses the effectiveness of a certain product, they sing the praises of that product. I am not going to do that. I shall simply report on what I have found. I am not going to do the whole programme. Each of us is different and I shall take what I know about myself and do my own thing.
There is no way that I could stick to the complete programme. Separating me from real food is never going to work, so what I shall do is replace my midday meal or sometimes breakfast with the drink that Herbalite provides. I can see that it has all of the nutrients that I need, so that in itself is a good thing. If I take it in the middle of the day, when I am busy, I won’t be so tempted to add- on other food.
I shall do this for the remainder of the school year and tell you what happens. In the meantime I shall try to watch what I eat in the way of portion size and also continue to walk my Jack Russell. Hell, just watching her burns off calories.
If I cheat I shall tell you. Let’s see what happens AND IF I HAVE LOST WEIGHT I SHALL REVIEW WHERE TO GO FROM HERE.
I just had the first drink and I definitely feel full.  Over to me now I guess. So, this is not an advert. It is me reporting on what I find.

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