Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Rodney Hyde loves Len Brown,

I almost had a giggling fit when I read today’s Herald. Rodney Hyde, the former leader of the Act Party and the former Minister behind the ‘Super City’ concept, wrote an article praising Len Brown. OMG---- the ‘Right’ embracing the ‘Left?’ We have seen some might strange ‘bed-fellows’ in the past, but this really takes the cake. What next?
Perhaps Winston and the Greens will ‘strike up a pose,’ or Hone Harawira will invite John Key for a cup of tea and deliberately make sure that the cameras and tape recorders are present. I mean, Hone has the capacity to enlighten us on all sorts of issues, sometimes even surprising me.
OK, back to Rodney and Len. Rodney says that Len Brown actually gets it re the future planning of Auckland. He says that Len has vision. Oh stop---I can’t take any more. Surely Rodney’s words are just a ploy. Is he being cynical? Damn--- I swear the words look genuine. Are we in for some honest non-political back slapping ‘matesmanhip’ as it was meant to be portrayed?
I’m struggling people. I just didn’t expect this. Wait--- I’ve got it! Rodney is positioning himself for a major comeback and this latest effort is just the start of what we may see much more of-----‘neo-collaboration, sneaky accommodation and a little bit of  kiss kiss honesty.’
Bet you are confused now.

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