Saturday, October 13, 2012

Columbus in Onehuga has changed hands---is it as good?

I think that you can say that with the Columbus franchise you can guarantee that that you will get a good value meal or snack. The Columbus café in Onehunga always was good, with a hardworking and friendly staff. I noticed a few weeks ago that the personal were different. I don’t know when the ownership changed; it could have happened ages ago for all I know.
Today, it was a bit windy and cold, so we decided to have a brunch at a cafe that has a nice sheltered décor, in other words inside. That meant of course I couldn’t take Perdy---she’s fine in the outside back part at Columbus on a nice day.
Now, to the main point---is Columbus in Onehunga as good as it was. In short, yes, it is. The choice of food is always good at all Columbus establishments, so I guess there is a fairly standard menu. It did feel like there were a few additions, and if they were unique, then good on them. We both enjoyed our food although there was a slight muck-up, possibly through our lack of being clear about the gluten free toast (I got it and didn’t notice, while my companion missed out). What stood out was the length the staff went to fix the problem. They brought some gluten free toast and didn’t charge the extra they could have.
Onehunga is a fabulous place to search out a café for the weekend breakfast as there is so much choice. There are maybe ten to choose from and its growing. Columbus is a choice that you should never regret. Well done!

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