Monday, October 15, 2012

David Shearer has been criticized because he is not a muck-raker.

Such a label is not one that David should worry about. There are enough muck-rakers in Parliament from all parties. One would hope that the ‘alternate government leader’ would present with a little more dignity and in that sense, the Leader of the Opposition has done just that.
Calls for him to take a firmer stand over the Kim. DotCom affair should remain just that---calls which can be ignored. We don’t need him involved other than at a support level for his henchmen who are more than capable of taking it to the Government.
If David Shearer has anything to contribute on the above matter, he should keep it to issues that the sorry sage brought to light---that is the position and actions our security services have taken. There is enough ugly debate out there that threatens to take the lime-light off more important issues, like unemployment, Foreign Policy just to mention two.
We have seen fractious and nasty leaders in the past, and going back to behaviours that belong elsewhere will do nothing for NZ politics.
So David, yes you need a higher profile, but not at the expense of decency and providing a credible choice for us in 2014.

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