Wednesday, October 31, 2012

While the Government cuts 'Special Schools' it allows obscene 'golden handshakes.'

Where is the fairness, rightness or even common sense in a policy that allows two ‘Special Needs Schools’ to close while heads of business, some SOEs, receive payment of $800,000 plus when their contracts end. At a time when we are struggling economically, at national level and individually, such payments are allowed.
There are many other examples, other than the one reported in the NZ Herald today. Whilst I am not advocating some radical shift in the distribution of wealth, because no country has ever been able to achieve that for any length of time in a fair way, I am saying that such payments as reported are a slap in the face to the rest of us who go about our lives in a more restrained manner.
Make no mistake about the on-going cuts in many areas of Government expenditure; they will come at a steady pace, undoing much of what has been built up over the years. At some stage, we shall realize that things have gone too far, and the cost of reinstating such services will be prohibitive. This is just an extension of the actions already taken. We are going to collectively regret such moves by this shallow, penny pinching Government. I wonder how some of their members are managing to sit with their mouths clamped; knowing that what their leaders are doing is nothing short of social vindictiveness.

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