Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Stop lying National and Parata in particular

How dare Education Minister Parata come on TV and lie about the proposed cuts to the Special Education Schools. She tries to justify this move as being better for those who will no longer be able to attend these very effective schools. She states that consultation has taken place. If this is so and we know that she received very strong advice from those who know about the real needs of Special Schools and was clearly warned the ramifiicatons for the kids who will need to be catered for once the schools close.
Everytime she was asked a direct question, she side-stepped and arrogantly ignored the concerns of parents and professionals.
I have rarely seen such arrogance from someone who should know about the kids her Ministry serves. The real reason for these latest moves is nothing more than a cost cutting exercise. They can paint it with bright colours but the sad fact is that it is the kids and families who will suffer and in the long run, the taxpayers who will have to pick up the pieces when we see the failings that this stupid policy will cause. Damn, I am so angry I have commited heaps of typos. Well this Government certainly has not got its fingers on the pulse of the nation. I don't think we can last another two years. Too much damage will be done and too much good work undone.

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