Thursday, November 1, 2012

Building frims should listen to the victims of their unsafe practices

Some people in the building industry are claiming that the new crackdown on lax practices in their industry are unnecessarily bothersome and put up the cost of houses by as much as $4000 per home.
What a terrible reasoning base. What a poor excuse. Should they not look at the suffering and ruined lives of those who have had accidents at the higher end of the scale? One man who broke his neck lost everything and is now a firm supporter of the actions taken by the officials.
New Zealand does not have a good record for workplace safety and we need to address the situation. This latest move goes a long way towards achieving that and we should not let up on the inspections. The human cost and the financial one is far too high to let firms get away with their spurious claims. $4000, if the figure is true, does not stack up as a defence when a bad accident can cost 10 million dollars over the course of a lifetime of medical and other costs to the person having the accident. The poor situation needs to be reversed.

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