Thursday, November 1, 2012

New Zealand readers of my books--- it's your turn now!

It seems that my plea for you to go to your local library and ask for my books is starting to pay off. I received my first small (but helpful) batch order for ‘Talk To Me,’ from a library supplier in Australia. I am most grateful and I wish for this to be the start of something good. I shall process the order early next week and then get the books to them.
Now, I need my friends in New Zealand to do the same. My books are now listed with Total Library Suppliers here. Go for it! Head to your local library.
My three books are:
1)    Coastal Yarns (The new edition)
2)    Roskill ( The new edition)
3)    Talk To Me (My latest book)

You can get details from my website re the ISBN numbers. (if you need them)

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