Thursday, April 11, 2013

I am an MP. Thus I have achieved my goal--- you better read on!

Yes I am most definitely an MP now but I need to add a 'qualifier.' MP means 'Modified Person' in my books. Yes I have undergone a transition and reached the status of MP without even having an election or needing to join some of the 'trough dwellers' in Wellington. I do not have to build my life around the 'three year cycle' when my contract comes up for renewal. I do not have to lie and cheat and mislead in order to garner the approval of prospective voters. I do not have to be 'everybody's' man or woman in order to gain yet another three years in the sanctimonious 'corridors of power.'
I am in control of my own future as a member of the MP club and I am also open to sharing my experiences, past, present and as an unfolding future with others. There is no charge (unless you buy one of my books at and you do not need to vote for me in order to enjoy communicating with me.
Being an MP presents many challenges, but with the support of my family and friends and then some, plus my own sense of empowerment will be enough for me to survive any future storms.
Now, what shall I wear for my 'inauguration?

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