Friday, April 12, 2013

Everything good about what we have built up in NZ is slowly being eroded!

I think that many people who post their opinions in various media are far more honest than the Government. For quite a few years, I have read about how the Government is eroding our rights and achievements in many fields, particularly in health and education. For health, it looks that we are headed for more and more 'private' and therefore more unattainable services for many. In education, under the guise of all sorts of 'descriptors, but really meaning 'Government' finding ways to pay out less for education, we are seeing a gradual move of resources. Bloggers, commentators and ordinary people, like you have spelt out what you think is happening. In that sense, the 'people' are far more honest than politicians, especially the Government. Why don't they say what they really plan? Simple, because if they did the outcry would be such that their tenure on the Government benches' would be unsustainable in the light of the reaction they would receive.
SO----keep up the pressure and any other Government 'in waiting'---be wary of what you promise. In this age of 'instant and easy communication, you can also expect an 'instant' response when you fall short of your 'utterings.' Perhaps you have 'plans' in that area too!

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