Monday, August 26, 2013

"I will resign if the age for 'Super' goes up," says Mr Key. Really?

Mr Dunne’s ‘flexi-super’ will let Key off the ‘wiggling’ hook! The idea that a part payment for ‘Super’ could be available to those from 60 on seems to have thrown a lifeline to John Key. Remember his statements from recent years about resigning if the ‘pension’ age went up? The roundabout solution as proposed by Peter Dunne (I am not disagreeing with the concept) is a perfect opportunity for John Key to go back on his word and he will manage to sell the idea as one that does not go against his original statement. I shall watch as he wriggles and turns in order to hide from his words. We will see more of the body language he has exhibited in the last year or so as things don’t always go his way. Watch him closely; you too will come to your own conclusions about the real John Key as he squirms his way through the next year. It is fascinating watching a politician, who was so self-assured, dropping his composure as the real questions are put to him. Time is not on his side this time!

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