Monday, August 26, 2013

If you are stupid enough to pay$NZ7 for one capsicum, then don't bitch about it!

Sometimes I want to be wrong---very wrong, but if reports that people are paying up to $7 for one capsicum are correct then I can only say, ‘more fool them!’ I do not feel sorry for such people. If they really want to have the delights of a fresh, green, red or whatever colour capsicum, then at least get real and go along to the markets like the Avondale or Otara markets and purchase the same item for much less.
For goodness sake---be you a restaurant owner or the ‘cook at home,’ just use whatever brains you have and adapt your menu to reflect seasonal prices and availability. If you have demanding customers, intent on having out of season produce, then they have to pay the price too.
I will on occasion buy Northern Hemisphere fruit but I fully expect to pay more. Actually if truth ‘leadeth’ the charge, haven’t you noticed that some stone fruit from the ‘North’ is often cheaper than our NZ versions, in season? Makes you wonder eh.
So, in conclusion, NZ Herald, don’t waste your space by reporting what is not actually news; it’s just page filling unnecessary crap!

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