Monday, August 26, 2013

Try this cheap soup---lunch or dinner.

I love making soups and this one is a variation on ones I have put up in the past. The accent is on health and being economical. First off, go and buy some bacon bones (or any shin bone). I usually make gluten-free soups so if that is an aim just don't use the pearl barley or make you own dried soup mix.  This soup made a small pot full (or a smaller slow cooker). It would serve about 4-5 normal adults. Yeah, I know, I am no longer 'normal' when it comes to eating, since the Bariatric surgery.
Here goes. Place the three bacon bones, a cup of soup mix (from the bulk bins) a cup of split peas (lentils are fine too) and any vegetables you have in the fridge. I put in a head of broccoli because it was cheap. Add some pepper, a couple of cloves and top the mixture up with water. Gently simmer for about 2 hours and then once the meat falls off the bone, turn it off and you have lunches for a few days or enough feed the family, with home made scones (Biscuits in the USA and Canada).
Optional extras: I had at tray of tomatoes I had cooked down and frozen as ice cubes. (I put in three) I made them when tomatoes were cheap and in season. I also added a clove of garlic and some dried capsicums that I had dried myself in the summer, using my fan oven on a low setting.
Nourishing, healthy and super cheap. Who needs takeaways?

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