Sunday, August 25, 2013

Team New Zealand about to go up against the USA (Oracle) for the America's Cup.

Now that New Zealand has won the right to challenge the mighty Oracle Team, lets hope that the racing will take place 'on the water,' not in the damned court rooms like so often has occurred in the past. I am proud to support Team New Zealand! What else can I do? Hell, I live there!
I am not that keen on the huge crafts, catamarans, to be exact. The fact that there were only a few challengers speaks for itself. I would love to see a return to 'real' yachts, like those that we have come to love; crafts that more nations can realistically produce, making the tournament more of a 'fair go,' that very special Kiwi attribute. Having got this far, though, I am sure my compatriots will of their best, knowing that the majority of NZers (minus the killjoys who insist that it is all a waste of money and completely fail to see the economic gains resulting from the exposure of our incredible boat building industry and the flow-on affect for other sectors in our economy) support our team.
Go Kiwis!

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