Sunday, August 25, 2013

Maybe three names in the mix for Labour leadership?

OK, so far so good in the leadership battle for Labour. Keep it this way. Have your ‘primary style’ round and get it right. The three names (Two conformed as at 7am NZ time) and portably one more to come. Let’s assume that we will have Grant Robertson, Shane Jones and David Cunliffe. Unless there are nay late nominations then we have an interesting battle on our hands. All of them have good qualities and for me no one shines out as being ‘better.’ Each will attract a slightly different backing and all are capable of stitching together an opposition that can take on Key, from the moment they are selected.
If they all follow the protocol that the Conference settled on, then there should be little blood on the floor. The only group that can stuff this up is the party members, bitching in the background and possibly the media who will be looking for an ‘angle,’ in the name of nothing more than their own cause---making money, supported by strong anti-Labour interest groups.
National and its lackeys will of course try to portray the battle as more than it is and will do the utmost to discredit any successful candidate. It is in National’s interest to have this so.
Hold fast, Labour and get this behind and get on with being an effective Government in waiting. If you don’t and you let partisan sector, and personality issues rule, then stay where you are; lagging on the polls and hosting a pack of insecure wannabes in the party membership. Rise above those potential hooks and we will see something good in NZ politics. It is the humane frailties that will derail this journey---if you let them!

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