Sunday, August 25, 2013

Big thanks to all the people who are buying ROSKILL.

It is really frustrating knowing that people are buying (Downloading) ROSKILL, but not knowing how many. I look at the scroll down of EBooks on Amazon, but the numbers are not yet showing up. It looks like no one has brought ROSKILL but I know that's not true because lots of you have been in touch with me and even told me you have reviewed the book. That's OK, because I think that Amazon only update the figures every so often, maybe every 60 days. Once I know the numbers, I shall stick them up on  my blog. Just keep downloading and passing the link to my book (soon to be books!) to your friends who have a Kindle or a reading AP. Go to my website, or search ROSKILL, BY NEIL COLEMAN on Amazon eBooks. Keep [passing on the link. I can only do this by getting the word or asking you to help. NO flash publishing house behind me or some media magnate. It's all about me pushing and you pulling whatever strings you can. Big hugs!

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