Monday, January 14, 2013

USA has plans to attack Chinese Nuclear assets--RT says this!

RT (Russian TV) is saying that the USA is planning to attack Chinese nuclear assets. I find this hard to believe and if it was true, an absolutely stupid action on the part of the USA. China and the USA are now economically connected at the hip. Why would the USA take such a damaging action; one that would place world peace at risk.

Where does RT get its information from? I see no other news outlets (So far, that is) making similar claims. For RT to make this claim is both confusing and dangerous. I am indeed looking for the USA to react to the claim and lay it to rest. Any other action is beyond even our wildest nightmares.
When RT 'explained it's headlines, it stated that the USA has laways had 'plans' to attack Chinese assets. I see their other headlines (the ones that drag accross the bottom of the screen) as alarmist and dangerous; ones that I had not associated RT with in the past. It seems that somethings never change!

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