Thursday, July 25, 2013

Onehunga Night Market---great place---buzzy and tasty!

Are you looking for that' buzz' you felt when you visited the street markets of Asia or other parts of the world? OK, we can't replicate that feeling completely, but hey, we are way down in the South Pacific and things don't quite move so fast here. The Onehunga Night Market does it for me. Before we entered the car park adjoining Dressmart we caught the wafting odours of an array of foods right where it counted---in our nostrils. The stall operators were still setting up but there were already heaps of people wandering about. I brought a well-made cup of coffee from an independent vendor and we walked around, observing the choices and purchasing some socks from a stall that seemed to sell items from Korea---good value for $5 and woollen to boot.
Now it was time to eat. Remember I can't consume the amounts of old, post bariatric surgery. My gastric juices were rising and I don't mean 'reflux;' more like pure anticipation. What to choose? There are Thai, Indian, Chinese, Hungarian, just to mention a few. I tried one Thai fish cake, one wheel cake (savoury version) and finally a pork and corn dumpling. Wonderful and by then, I was done. My share of the cost---about $5 and we still took some home. If you want to experience something different, then go to one of these night markets. They are springing up all over Auckland and I suspect that some of the vendors attend them all. That's fine with me and hopefully we are going to be exposed to a much larger range of ethnicities and the tasty food that comes with that. It's great living in a city where such options are available.

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