Wednesday, July 24, 2013

When a 'couple' parades around putting 'ghost bids' on cars and property---what's going on?

Last week we heard about a guy going around North Shore firms; residential and up-market car firms and the odd travel agent, making bids--apparently to the tune of almost NZ$6 million. He has now been named in the NZ Herald, but I am not going to give him the satisfaction of printing his name here, in case he gets some sort of weird 'jack-off' from any publicity.
Yes, crudely put, but then so are his attempts to waste the time of the firms that he has targeted. The Herald says he takes his partner and young child along, all as part of the ruse he is pursuing. Who would doubt a well-dressed and happy family? Hell, he even booked a $100,000 luxury trip to Disneyland. Of course the sales assistants would be happy to play with the child as the parents signed the necessary documents.
I wonder at his (and his partner's) state of mind. What are they trying to achieve? Is it some sort of protest against 'capitalism' or are they trying to make a point about those who have wealth? Are they trying to disrupt the businesses they target? Surely they must know, now that the guy's picture (thank goodness, not his child's) has been published that businesses will avoid him like the plague. Can he not be charged with at least some sort of 'nuisance' charge?
I'm sure he will have a bit of support from the 'let's get the greedy capitalists brigade,' but I doubt his moves will make the slightest bit of difference on that score. I suspect he is misguided at least and is in need of support. If he is truly wishing to purchase any of the items he has signed off on, then he should do what the rest of us do---follow through. Oops, I forgot---He can't. He would rather cause the people who work for these companies headaches as he wastes their time.
I guess there are worse pass-times, when one thinks about it. Maybe he is going to write a book about his 'escapades.' OH---I've got it! he was conducting 'research for his project. It's OK,  all is forgiven. Go for it mate. I have changed my mind. You are just doing your thing and we will read about why you did this in some silly magazine---you know the ones--that pay megabucks for stupid stories. Now I really understand you-----NOT!

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