Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Lunch with the 'ladies,' post bariatric surgery---3 months and then some. Such fun, such fun and that's nice!

Who says that just because the surgeon took away some of my stomach during the bariatric procedure, I can't enjoy my food? Oh, you didn't---but you were wondering, right? I even get some funny, misinformed comments, like---'well, why have the operation if you eat that food?' Or worse---'Why don't you just drink fruit and veggie juice?'  How feckin dumb is that?
I can actually eat normal food. My surgeon told me that at the first session, along with the proviso that the 'amounts' would be vastly reduced. He also told me that my body would soon let me know if I stuffed up. He was so right. If I am stupid enough to push the boundaries, I don't feel so good. I have not thrown up, either in the sanctity of my home, or---God forbid, in public. I have not had a 'Life of Brian' moment whereby I explode at a restaurant. Hope I have the right movie there, folks. The worst I experience is some discomfort for about 20 minutes and a brisk walk fixes that. I know that is not everyone's' experience when they have the surgery.
So today, I had the lovely ladies I sometimes walk with come over for lunch. See, having a dog does have real benefits re meeting nice people. We all contributed a dish. I cooked up a lamb roast, and some roast veggies, while the ladies brought cauliflower, broccoli and carrots in a cheese sauce, and a beautiful baked cheesecake. We even had wine. What did I eat? Why, I tried it all of course, but in 'what I call,' entrĂ©e-sized portions. (Sorry Amanda's Mum!) Was it good? Feck yeah!
For the record. I am trying to slow down the weight loss. 35 kilos is enough for me. No--- I don't weigh 35 kilos. What are ya? I am somewhere between 80 and 83 and that's mighty fine by me. I can't keep throwing away the relatively new and getting new 'fashion garments' all the time!

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