Thursday, July 25, 2013

Just becuase you won't eat it---do I have to?

I was sitting surveying my realm, making sure no cats or metre readers dare to enter my territory when 'you' decide to offload something you brought last night at the Onehunga Night Market. Apparently you brought too much and I think I heard you saying that the squid (whatever the dog damned silly thing that is!) was cooked for too long. And, yes you said, 'Perdy will eat it!'
Really---do you take me for a 'no-class' greedy bitch? Come on, I have tastes too and when I did try it, it felt like rubber. I know, I 'search, chew and destroy' most balls down at the park, but this took the cake. Actually, why not give me cake like that silly French Queen was purported to have said. Wrong again, because when you are at work, I watch TV and I learn many things. So you know what you can do with your squid------shove it right----back in the sea. Have I made my point yet?
Now on a sweeter note. Take me for a run----please!
What the hell is 'squid?'  written by Perdita (Perdy)

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