Thursday, July 25, 2013

Toilet paper dress wins award so maybe I can wear a pink bats coat!

It's true, a dress made from toilet paper won an award in New Zealand recently. That does not mean that our beautiful country is going down the crapper! Maybe it is because we are a green country and have a belief in 'waste not want not.' Fortunately the dress was NOT made from 'used ' paper. That would have been taking things to extreme.
One of the ramifications of losing 35 kilos after my bariatric surgery is that I really feel the cold. I wrap up well and keep out the cold. Thank God spring is around the corner! Perhaps there will be a competition to use pink-bats for clothing. Damn I can't wait, but really---can't they make it blue! Also---won't it itch a bit?
Toilet paper dress so why not a pink-bats coat to keep me warm!

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