Monday, July 22, 2013

I am going to need your help!

I am now very close to having the first of my books online, via Kindle. Maybe I shall have other platforms too, but not sure at this stage. I have the backing of two very good people, in the form of re-editing and book design. I had no idea just how much is involved re getting one's books to this stage. It is no longer a hit and miss 'she'll be right' Kiwi attitude. The work  the team is doing is professional and much appreciated.
I need revues online with Amazon---- the more the better, in order to generate traffic. The costs to you?--- a very small download fee and a bit of time to review. That gets the attention of the 'big eye' of Amazon and then things can take off for me. The cost for a download is minuscule as I am not a 'best selling author.' The ones I download from Amazon are only about UA$3--- max! I shall let you know once everything is up and running, including the links you will need. Please help to pass on the link to the circles you may have. My website will have the link then, and the difference is that the books won't cost an arm and a leg like they do in the hard copy format. Yes, the same books will still be available, but lets face it---you haven't been breaking down my doors to get at my books. I know--- they are just too damned dear! Hopefully, once up and running, the digital format will resolve that issue.

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