Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Predictable pack of pricks---the national Party and their shameful deal!

What more can I say about this spineless morally deficient party and their bully of a Prime Minister!
Why did they bother to support a move that the vote for the Conference Centre  was going to be a 'conscience vote? What a piteous excuse for democracy. Sure party politics is a reality but in a conscious vote, one would expect a little more lassitude. Before you say---'What about Labour?' Well at least their leader, the much maligned David Shearer, had the decency to announce that his members could vote as they saw fit. John Banks and his non party sided with the Government and the soon to be gone Peter Dunne licked up large.
 I see on the news tonight that Peter Dunne's electoral office was the target of a hoax bomb. I don't condone hat but it indicates the level of disquiet in his electorate.
We need to remember this latest cynical action the part of National and its lackeys at the election next year. Labour, for it's part must put aside it's internal (or do I mean 'eternal') fighting and get alongside the Greens and deliver us a better future. New Zealand First will of course go along with what ever its flamboyant leader decides. As for the Maori Party---well maybe Hone will be in charge by then and at least with him, we know where he stands!
Angry words? Yes, because I care about where we are heading. Left wing utterances, I hear. BS----It just looks that way because the direction we are heading is closer and closer to one where the gap between the rich (the top 5%) and rest of us is deeply worrying. Kohn Kay is but a tool for those who wish us to be docile acceptors of this sad future. Behind that smile is a man taking us to an unpleasant future. If we don't care, we get what we deserve. If we don't act, the we deserve what we get.

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