Thursday, July 11, 2013

Sky City Casino says it is being victimized! That's a bit rich, coming from the great syringe/prick in the sky!

What a pathetic response we have read in the Herald today from a chief executive representing Sky City. I won’t say his name so that I don’t cause him more embarrassment. He says that the issue has become highly politicised and that the critics are just trying to make political capital. OK, not his exact words, but perhaps he needs to realize that the National Party, his good friend, is indeed politicising this issue for its own advantage. Hey---every sector group, on either side of the debate does that and even I accept that. So, Mr executive dude---get real!
I am deeply sorry that this convention centre is being forced on us merely to satisfy the whims of John Key and his mates, who no doubt will be the major beneficiaries of this dirty deal. The rest of us will pay for the social costs because there is no such thing as a free lunch when it comes to gambling in all of its modes. I go along with Lotto because I know that a great deal of money goes back into the community. No doubt Mr Executive will claim the same about Sky City, conveniently forgetting the massive tax breaks his company receives, from the rest of us.
I am not saying Auckland should not have a modern and world-class conference centre, but please---- find a more moral way to pay for it!

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