Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Gays not welcome says a Whangarei lodge, 'but we are sorry.' Really?

Some battles are just not worth fighting. Take for example the Whangarie lodge that has made it clear that they do not want gay couples staying there. God alone knows why they think it may be bad for business, but nothing the gay community or those who seek a fair deal for everyone may say will make one iota of difference so they may as well just suck it up and ignore such businesses.
Why the hell would anyone gay want to stay at their establishment if they are clearly not welcome other than to prove a point that may be worth making but not fighting? There are plenty of other options available. Personally, I would find staying there totally unenjoyably anyway. Imagine them being forced by law to accept all-comers and then put up with their negativity and probable poor service.
Some battles are important and the bigger pictures are those that need fighting. Leave these ‘throwbacks’ to their own devices. They have more than likely shot themselves in the foot anyway. What goes around comes around. So, Whangarie lodge or whatever you call yourselves---stay with your prejudice and dark fears and enjoy your narrow-minded isolation. Just don’t drag (excuse the pun) the rest of us down to your level. We shall get on with enjoying life--- but not with you as part of it----simple.
Yes, the larger battle against narrow thinking and prejudice in any form continues. I don’t seek to change the minds of those that are beyond ‘change;’ there is so much else to fight out there that really matters!

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